Here is a rough guide to show us when to expect the little pearls to appear. Always check your child’s mouth as sometimes they can cut more than one tooth at a time. Some children are born with teeth! Its never too early to bring them to see us.

Always help young children to brush effectively and don’t forget make it fun!!
  1. Always brush twice a day once after their breakfast and again at bedtime.
  2. Use a pea size amount of a children’s paste. The main difference between children’s paste and an adult version is the amount of fluoride in them.
  3. Even if it is a children’s toothpaste encourage them to spit away after brushing. Many of the pastes taste so good it is not always possible and usually they want more!
  4. Check their brush and change it roughly every 3 months. My son always chewed his so I changed it more often. But you will see when it needs to be changed.

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