Yew Tree Coronavirus update
Your Safety is our priority
 We are enthusiastically and with rigor implementing and adhering to, all the necessary COVID 19 safety measures to ensure the safety of our team and of our patients. To assure you our practice is safe I just wanted to share with you the following information, ALL our staff here at Yew Tree have had their first injection of a COVID vaccine and also have to test themselves twice a week using a rapid flow test kit and report their results to NHS COVID Results this enables us to continue to work and provide you with the greatest possible safety standard at our practice.
Fizz Free February

In an attempt to tackle obesity and poor oral health, Fizz Free February encourages people to stop drinking fizzy drinks for the whole of the month, as a way to reduce sugar intake and make it easier for individuals to cut down on fizzy drinks for the rest of the year.

What are the messages of Fizz Free February?

Make your home a fizz free zone.
Forget fizzy drinks this February. Could you go a whole month without fizzy drinks?
Take the Fizz free February challenge! Pledge to #gofizzfree this February.
Save money, lose weight and keep your teeth! #gofizzfree this February.

Saving money and losing weight!

You can save £438 a year if you stopped drinking one bottle of soft drink, per day for a year (Source: Give Up Loving Pop)

Drinking just one 330ml can of fizzy drink a day could add up to over a stone weight gain per year (Source: Give Up Loving Pop)

We are here to help

We are here to help to support your efforts to tackle tooth decay and obesity by taking part in the campaign.
Give Up Loving Pop campaign
and Save Kids From Sugar

Supporting information about fizzy drinks and teeth

Sugary drinks are the biggest source of added sugar in young people’s diets and many of these will be fizzy drinks.
There is growing evidence about the role of food and drink in the increasing prevalence of moderate and severe tooth wear in younger age groups.

National tooth ache day 9th of February 

Watch the short video below it gives a visual explanation of how tooth decay progresses. Which is why we always say prevention is preferable.

We are currently contacting our back log of routine examinations (prioritizing children at the moment).  If you were one of our patients that we unfortunately had to cancel last year. Please contact us.

01922 625225 

Why not look at our smile profile and let us help

Smile Profile

What do you like best about your smile?
What do you like least about your smile?

Please select the statements you consider to be true:

1. I wish my teeth were whiter
2. I wish I had a wider smile
3. I am unhappy with the shape of my teeth
4. I think my teeth are too large/ small
5. I wish my teeth were straighter
6. I think my gums show too much when I smile
7. I do not smile because of my teeth
8. I wish the gaps in between my teeth were smaller
9. I don’t know what my dentist can do in order to improve my smile
10. I am concerned that I could not afford the dentistry that I would like
11. I hate the black fillings in my mouth
12. I wish my teeth were all the same colour
13. I am worried about the cracks in my teeth.
14. I would like more information on wrinkle treatment
15. How important is keeping your teeth? Please circle 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
16. Where would you rate your current dental health? – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
17. I suffer with headaches/jaw pain
18. I have a click in my jaw
19. I have discomfort when chewing
20. I have fractured teeth in the past
21. I am aware of clenching/ grinding my teeth
22. I would like to improve my lines and wrinkles
23. I would like to enhance my lips

If you have ticked any of these and wish to discuss anything with our clinician please contact us.

Happy Valentines Day 

It’s tempting to treat Valentine’s Day just like any other day even more so this year. But why not celebrate it in different ways??
How about thinking of ways to make the occasion special while sticking to restrictions and not blowing the budget.
It falls on a Sunday this year so how about making a special Sunday roast and celebrating with all the household.  I always feel valentines day is to show loved ones how much they mean to you its not just for husbands/wife etc.  Check out my enormous Yorkshire Pudding below!! Haha I obviously love my boys a lot!
Or how about cooking together? Prepare a lovely meal and get dressed up as if you were going out. As many of us are guilty of lounging around all weekend in our lounge wear lately it will make you feel like it is special occasion.
What ever you do I hope you enjoy your day.

Shrove Tuesday – Pancake Day 16th 
Pancakes are a versatile and relatively cheap easy meal. Whether you enjoy them piled high or just one as a treat. Everyone has a preference. How about savory ones? Sweet ones stuffed with fruit? Whatever is your indulgence. Enjoy!
Any Other News 

I just wanted to share with you all. My lovely news. The picture below bears quite a good resemblance to Craig. But I have a bit more hair!! Haha

Sir Tom Moore 1920-2021

February saw the passing of a true inspiration to millions of us. What a legacy he has left behind for NHS charities. He touched many people in so many different ways. But let us not forget firstly he was a father and a Grandfather.  Below touching  messages from his family.

“He was strong, kind, and full of humour and was the best mentor and confidant you could ever wish for.

“There is little pain that compares to losing someone you love and each one of us is feeling my father’s absence. Nothing can prepare you for that sudden wrench when their time comes to leave.”

“It’s the little noises and habits of people close to you that suddenly become deafening in their absence.”

Rest in Peace Sir Tom

Our Feed back is important to help us grow
March News Letter 

New Practice up-dates
Eating disorder week 1st-7th March
International Women’s Day 8th March
Step into Spring for Marie Curie daffodil appeal
National No Smoking Day 10th March
First Day of Spring 20th March
Any other news

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