Following our Government’s announcement of new restrictions as of Tuesday 5 January 2021, we wanted to reassure all our patients that Yew Tree will remain open. 

Dental health is classed as an essential service and we will continue to care for your dental health.
Preventive care and treatment is paramount to patient’s health and wellbeing and as healthcare professionals each and everyone of us here at Yew Tree are committed to providing safe and outstanding care for you all.

It is imperative that we reassure all of you that we have enthusiastically and with rigour implemented and adhered to, all the necessary COVID 19 safety measures, ensuring the safety of our team and of our patients. 

We wear all appropriate PPE to safeguard you and ourselves. Check out our nurse below Tracey wearing some increased PPE.
We COVID and medically risk assess all patients prior to being invited into the premises.
We insist all of our patients wear their facemasks
We disinfect, we sterilize and we provide a safe environment to continue to deliver outstanding dental care. NONE of our patients are asked to pay any increased charges to cover our need to increase the level of PPE needed. 
If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here Reception only Tuesday. Wednesday/Thursday with our dentist.

Please Stay Safe everyone!

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us on 

01922 625225

Dry January 

Each year millions of us participate in charity campaigns or make a personal resolution to cut out alcohol for a month at the start of the year. With an estimated 6.5 million planning to take part in January this year do we really know how these short periods of abstinence affect our long-term health? There are obvious potential benefits. Are there drawbacks though?? 

If you have been participating in dry January, well done your almost there!!

Did you know? by the end of Dry January, you are likely to have reduced your calorie intake by 3,840 for the month if you used to drink six glasses of 175ml wine a week, or 4,320 calories over the month if you used to drink six pints of lager a week weight loss could be in excess of 2Kg!! 
A month off alcohol, in healthy individuals drinking at moderate to high levels, does lead to tangible health benefits by the end of the month.  It can decrease blood pressure of around 5%, and improvement in diabetes risk of almost 30%. Also a large factor that are linked to certain cancer risks are reduced. However, we don’t know how long these benefits last, or whether they translate to long-term improvements in health. 
It’s worth bearing in mind that, to have a real benefit on health, people should be drinking within recommended low risk guidelines across the whole year. Dry January might be a helpful way to re-establish control over your drinking, and could have some short-term benefits (a lot of people report sleeping better, for example), but it’s unlikely to have major long-term health benefits in itself. 
To those of you who have told me you have taken part I just want to say 

Lockdown ideas for all the family 

As many of you already know I love my garden and my many many plants. If you have been following my garden progress last year I am an enthusiastic novice.  Here are a few pictures taken this weekend.  I have joined a group on face book which focuses on all sorts of gardening and processes. I find it helps me to have a focus. 

A few ideas to keep you busy. Why not try planting seeds inside now. Its great activity for kids and adults. I have been looking online. Lotus plants I think you will agree just beautiful.  
Just for the kids

The link below is a useful one. On the whole these activities just use what you are likely to have around the house already, or you can order online for little money. You should also note that you don’t have to have a A level in art. :) The age range is paticullary good.


We are in the process of sending our back log of reminders out. Please be patient with us a little longer. But if you need attention please call us. 

01922 6265225

Here is Tracey with our first 5 Star Google review of the year!! We appreciate ALL Feed back it helps us to improve our service 
February News Letter 

New Practice up-dates 
National tooth ache day 9th February
Valentines Celebrations in lockdown 14th
Shrove Tuesday 16th Pancake ideas
Any other news   

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